This is basically a self-experience guide for new parents.

  1. Hooded Towel or Blankets
    A baby hooded towel is normally a small bath towel with an attached hood so that baby ears and head can also be covered and dry. It is also used to regulate the body temperature of the newborn, specially in cold and winter.
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  2. Diapers
    They form essential part of everyday’s life related to the newborn. Normally they are costly but if purchased in bulk, it can save money. While buying the diapers special care should be taken so that your baby doesn’t develop rashes. Therefore, buy only the branded and good quality ones. There are lot sizes available depending on the babies weight and age in months. So purchase accordingly. S is for small size, M for medium and L for large.
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  3. Milk Bottle / Feeder
  4. Baby Powder
  5. Clothes